Continuity key for energy

by H+K United Kingdom

June 9, 2017

Continuity key for energy

The General Election result may not provide long-term certainty for energy. But it does provide continuity Under a Conservative minority government it could be argued that it is ‘business as usual’ for energy policy. Although the General Election result may not provide the long term certainty that many had hope for, it does at least … Read more

#Mayday! How the election night unfolded on Twitter…

Twitter can be an echo chamber when it comes to politics, but it comes into its own on election night, as commentators get increasingly delirious waiting for results. With a PlayStation-style parliament, swing-o-meters, exits polls and recounts in the early hours, by 6am Twitter was awash with gifs, memes and pictures of Lord Buckethead. In … Read more

Mayism: the end of Thatcherism and political ideology as we know it? What does the media think the Conservative manifesto means for the Party?

In this blog, we consider what the media thinks the Conservative manifesto means for the Conservative Party. There is a clear take out from the Conservative manifesto (or should I say, Theresa May’s manifesto) launch today. When you go to the polls on 8th June, Mrs May’s Conservative Party want the general public to be … Read more

Financial Services: reassuring noises, no promises

The Conservative manifesto had little meat in it for financial services firms looking to Theresa May to assuage their fears around Brexit. This is a document clearly designed to meet the wants and desires of British citizens, not British businesses. Of the two new FS specific policies in the manifesto, one is a non-binding pledge … Read more

The Conservative Party Manifesto Launch: Transport Overview and Analysis

Key points: The Conservative manifesto is light on transport commitments. Despite this, it includes a prominent commitment to make Britain a world-leader in “electric vehicle technology and use”, making “almost every” car and van zero-emission by 2050, and investing £600m in helping to achieve this. Otherwise, it commits to continuing with current investment: putting about … Read more

Is the Conservative Party unbeatable? Probably

Within an hour of Theresa May’s announcement that she is seeking to call a General Election on 8th June this year, I had received an email from Patrick McLoughlin – the Chairman of the Conservative Party. His message was clear and reflected May’s statement. And, I quote: “We need this election now to secure the … Read more

What does this mean for Brexit?

Brexit will define this General Election but it is important to remember that this not another referendum. All the reasons why Theresa May has called this general election originate from Britain’s decision to vote to leave the EU last year. Be it defeating Labour or ensuring the Great Repeal Bill can go through the Lords. … Read more

Article 50: Running free

Today the UK starts the formal process of leaving the European Union.  The Government sets out on a road to take back control of Britain’s laws and borders in what is sure to be a tortuous and long negotiation, with leaks and bust-ups and moments of high drama. Reaction will come quick and fast; some … Read more