The financial markets react

by Alexander Burley

Account Director
June 9, 2017

The financial markets react

Sterling suffers in uncertain times for investors, with City optimism for soft Brexit The Pound is down by 2%, this is good for exporters but a sure sign that confidence in the UK economy is down. London’s FTSE 100 index, whose companies generate roughly 70% of their revenues overseas, is up 1.0%. It also polishes … Read more

The Big Scalps

Which big names have been voted out by their local constituents? We run through the top six Nick Clegg Nick Clegg, former Lib Dem Deputy Prime Minister, lost his Sheffield Hallam seat to the Labour party. Reports in 2015 suggested that local Conservatives had deliberately avoided campaigning against Clegg, and his loss is unexpected. Vote … Read more

Financial Services: reassuring noises, no promises

The Conservative manifesto had little meat in it for financial services firms looking to Theresa May to assuage their fears around Brexit. This is a document clearly designed to meet the wants and desires of British citizens, not British businesses. Of the two new FS specific policies in the manifesto, one is a non-binding pledge … Read more