Robinson Scholars: #BringingItHome from Blighty

by Rijosh Joseph

Group Account Director, Technology
September 13, 2018

Robinson Scholars: #BringingItHome from Blighty

Robinson Scholars

Most individuals go through a company introduction during their first week at work, but not all introductions leave us with a lasting impression. When I joined H+K’s Dubai office three years ago, there was one moment that sparked my aspirations to a whole new level: the Dave Robinson International Scholarship Program. The Dave Robinson International … Read more

Tuesday Team Talk: Wayne’s World

Welcome to Tuesday Team Talk. Every week, the H+K Sports team will give a unique perspective on the week’s football action and the stories making the headlines across the beautiful game Ahead of tonight’s qualifier against Slovenia, temporary England boss Gareth Southgate made the move that fans and media alike have been clamouring for, he … Read more