Every week at H+K, we gather to dissect, debate and delight in the different aspects of communication technology. We call ourselves Technology Speculators, because our mission is to explore the latest digital tools that can improve how our clients communicate with their audiences.

Our intentionally eclectic curriculum is a chance to hear directly from major platforms and start-ups alike. We have been blessed by the quality of the guest speakers we attract to Clerkenwell, some of which also join us onstage at our D2 conference.

Perennial favourites include YouTube, Twitter and Spotify, as well as disruptors Uber, Unruly and what3words, the winner of the Grand Prix for Innovation at Cannes Lions. Each week is different. Some of the most popular sessions have been when we head off on a field trip to near-by studios, such as Inition (mixed reality producers) and iMakr (3-D printing), or when in-house experts review our own case studies on Paid Social, Working with Influencers or team communication tools like Slack.

For more information on Technology Speculators or to suggest a guest speaker, email Candace or reach out on Twitter