With just a day to go until polling day, Labour is now in panic mode. While the party has rebounded in polls in recent weeks – primarily because voters are focusing on more traditional policy areas like healthcare and housing where Labour is stronger – the Tories have maintained their lead, including in some Labour strongholds.

This is a problem for Labour. Their campaign was based on the assumption that their core voters in Leave areas were pretty solid, but that Labour remain voters might drift over to the Lib Dems. This has not happened. Smaller parties – that took more strident positions on Brexit than Labour – are now falling behind. Meanwhile the Tories are eating away at Labour voters, especially in constituencies that voted to leave the EU. The so-called red wall might well be breached.

The revised campaign has focused on healthcare, especially after the prime minister’s mishandling of the Leeds hospital picture. This is fertile ground for Labour, but as with every story, another unhelpful twist came yesterday with Labour’s health spokesperson, Jonathan Ashworth, apologising to his party after criticising Jeremy Corbyn in a secret recording of a phone call.

Voters wake tomorrow with an important choice, one that will determine the course of Brexit and our country’s next chapter and also the very future of the Labour party and its leadership.