At H+K we are proud to create and deliver brilliant ideas for our clients every day – a challenge made possible by learning from each other and inspiring each other. Once a month we come together to share our work and learnings, to make sure that everyone’s future path is shaped and strengthened by our past journeys. 

Ideas, learnings, pizza and beer – the ingredients of The H+K Big Night In.

At H+K we are lucky to work alongside over 200 other creative minds, all of which we can learn from and be inspired by. We are also lucky enough to have our own bar… so once a month we come together as an agency to tell our stories over pizza, beer and prosecco.

Every day brilliant ideas are born from our agency. Ideas that will change opinions, create conversations or inspire action; and it’s these experiences that are shared at The H+K Big Night In.

Three teams informally present recent work, focusing on the insight that lead to their idea, how they made that idea famous, and importantly the learnings that everyone can take on board for their clients and work. We also include a number of games or challenges for everyone to join in on.

At H+K we achieve great things, but we know it’s only possible by being inspired by each other and having fun together along the way. The H+K Big Night In enables us to stay true to our culture and be the very best Idea Catchers.