Every year we hold Creativity+, an event with expert speakers and over 200 senior level professionals and decision makers. This year our theme was humanity: more than ever, brands are being asked to reflect humanity through their values and creativity. Throughout our sessions, our speakers looked at areas including how technology can help and hinder effective communications, as well as understanding what audiences expect from the organisations that they engage with.

Our speakers shared their perspectives, experiences, and advice with the audience. We’ve included some of our favourite quotes below to inspire and motivate your creativity.

Christina Lamb, author and Sunday Times Chief Foreign Correspondent, talking about the power of a story:

“I see a lot of terrible things, I see the worst side of humanity. And yet I keep doing this job because you see the most amazing people and the resilience that they have”

Ben Tan, Creative Technologist at Google, providing insight into rapid ideation with machine sprints:

“Anybody can create an idea. But if you don’t do something tangible with it, the idea will get lost”

Karen Blackett OBE, UK Country Manager at WPP, on driving change:

“If advertising is not about the consumer, they will not listen. Find the fundamental human truth by testing beyond the marketing team and keep it authentic”

Dr. Elaine Kasket, psychologist and author, on how to be a meerkat, not an ostrich:

“Continuing bonds isn’t just about having access to the data of the dead, it’s about making a connection. Sending a message online feels like we’re getting through”

Henrik Habberstad, Global Creative Director at Equinor, on energising the planet:

“Creativity to me is about presenting the facts. We are part of the climate change solution, but we are also part of the problem. We need to establish trust”

Colin Payne, Vice President at Capgemini, on humanising banks:

“Banks like Starling and Monzo talk openly about their battles – they are absolutely transparent. They’re looking up what customers need and delivering on it, showing open, human creativity”

Dr. Gorkan Ahmetoglu from UCL, discussing the entrepreneurial mindset:

“To become more entrepreneurial, creativity and innovation still has to happen by people. And people must be encouraged and given resources to create”

On influencer marketing and its power:

“I can’t afford to lie and say I like this product – the risk is too high. If they find out you don’t actually like the product, that’s it for your career” – Zsanett Korosi, influencer

“Selling from consumers represents authenticity” – Fitness Freddie, influencer

And not forgetting our very own H+K UK CEO Richard Millar, predicting the future of PR:

“Whilst the charge of ‘Fake News’ caught the industry off balance at first, traditional media outlets will now more overtly fight back. Many will once again assume the role of active campaigners, identifying stories and picking causes that appeal to their readers and viewers whilst maintaining high journalistic standards”