Katie and Suzy from the Energy+Industrials team had a busy start to the week, organising interviews with CNBC and CNN for the Egyptian Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, H.E. Dr Sahar Nasr. Keen to discuss the recently announced New Investment Law, we secured two broadcast interviews on CNBC’s Street Signs with Carolin Roth and on CNN’s Quest Means Business with the eponymous Richard Quest. Watch them here and here!

Members of the Tech team are always on the lookout for opportunities to gain insight into the ever evolving start-up ecosystem in the UK. This week Sophia from the Tech team attended a pre-launch event for a successful Canadian financial-tech start-up, Wealthsimple who has plans to roll out in the UK in September.  Wealthsimple is a digital investment manager (in non-tech jargon they help people create investment portfolios and give financial advice). The event prompted internal discussions among the team on the exciting PR opportunities and challenges that start-ups face, particularly when breaking into new markets.

The Financial and Professional Services team has been challenging perceptions around apprenticeships on behalf of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) to mark A Level Results day. The story aimed to highlight the different opportunities available to school leavers outside university, based on research which showed that 94% of 16-19 year olds have “career fear”. Highlights included a Sky News interview with one of AAT’s case studies about the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship, as well as online and trade coverage across key publications.

This week the healthcare team says a huge thank you to Jemma, a first year Psychology student at Bath University who has spent two weeks shadowing our team as part of the launch of the WPP Health Fellowship Programme. The Health Fellowship is a new graduate scheme for people with a science background looking to work in healthcare communications, and if Jemma is any indication of the talent that’s out there, we’re all in for a treat.

  1. What did you learn about yourself while working within the healthcare team at H+K?

Over the last 2 weeks I have really learnt to just take all the opportunities that come your way and that it’s okay to go out and look for what you want to do and make it happen. I think I’ve taken that from having the offer to come and work here but also from all the people around me who have shared their stories about all the things they’ve done too. I now really see the value in taking a bit of a step into the unknown.

  1. Did you do anything this week that you’d like to explore further with your degree or in your career?

As I mentioned earlier, as this was a shadowing experience I was very fortunate in that I was able to see a whole range of roles within this sort of work. That being said I would love to explore the creative, more client focused side of healthcare communications in the future.

  1. What’s the one experience or learning you would tell your family or friends?

The one experience I will take with me was a meeting brainstorming ideas about potential routes for a campaign. I found it fascinating seeing how one idea or message can be explored through a range of other perspectives to come out with a main focus or a ‘so what’ which can help guide the rest of the project. Also, I love telling people about the famous falcon visits on a Tuesday!