It’s been a tech-focussed week for London’s K+Kers, with a Technology team trip to Hong Kong, a Technology Spectator session with Twitter and a panel discussion on the implications of new GDPR legislation.

Helen Lawrence from Twitter joined us for this week’s Technology Spectators, H+K’s weekly series of inspirational workshops organised by Director of Social Media Candace Kuss. Helen talked to us about #CreativeConnectWPP, Twitter’s series of events to inform and inspire WPP agencies on the latest insights, functions and creative Twitter campaigns. She discussed the social media platform’s growth over 2017, the development of video, security and machine learning and what we can look forward to in the months to come.

A highlight of the talk was having H+K’s work with adidas Nemiziz showcased as a best in class Twitter campaign. The launch of adidas’s latest football boot was live streamed on Twitter, engaging a localised fan base in London to tie into adidas’s grassroots approach to marketing.

The Business Development team attended a Drum GDPR Breakfast in Shoreditch, London to brush up on the new legislation surrounding data protection and usages. With a panel discussion and a Q&A session, it was a great was to find out how it will be affecting the marketing, advertising and PR world. Here were the key sentiments of the session:

  1. A change of behaviour across all industries and functions is required in order to fully embrace the legislative change.
  2. The GDPR should be seen as a huge opportunity rather than a downfall for creative agencies to create better quality and more strategic, targeted content.
  3. It is also an opportunity for consumers to educate themselves on how their data is obtained and how it is used.

As part of this month’s wellness initiative, H+K Health Kick, Verity Goodfellow joined us at the London office to lead three mini workshops over the week that that taught H+Kers techniques and strategies for increasing feelings of calm, control and how to decrease tension and ruminations.

In other news, London H+Kers have travelled to the Hong Kong office for a knowledge exchange, the Sports team’s James Fenn has written a HuffPost blog on the healing and diplomatic powers of sport, Candace has been judging at the PRCA Digital Awards, and our Chief Content Strategist Vikki Chowney has written a One Question post about the growing (but sometimes unauthentic) trend in brand purpose.

Next week, we’ll hear about the Energy + Industrials team visit to the biggest oil and gas show of the year, and we’ll be inviting influencer marketing platform ZINE to the office for our latest Technology Spectator session.